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Custom Home Built in Baton Rouge
Custom Homes • Dec 5, 2019

Thomas Building Company is an industry-leading luxury custom home builder in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although we are not a true “design-build” firm, we work closely with some of Baton Rouge’s best architects and interior designers to deliver full service to our clients.  Owner Drew Gasser has built over 100 luxury custom homes in the Baton Rouge area over the past 20 years.

Building a custom home is a rewarding way to incorporate all your wants, needs, and desires into your lifestyle.  Some may think that building a luxury custom home is too expensive or too daunting of a task. In fact, with the right design-build experts to guide you through the process saving you considerable expense. The team guides you meticulously through the decision-making process allowing you greater freedom among the design and building features.


Meeting with client to go over architectural plans


Unlike custom homes, most residential speculative developments include homes that look roughly the same. The original developer most likely offered a few different floor plans and various finish options. When you drive through these typical developments, rarely does a single home stand out from the crowd. Also, there is usually not as much freedom in customizing specific design features that best suit your family needs or desires.  

Things are different when you choose Thomas Building Company to build your luxury custom homes in Baton Rouge. When you build with Drew Gasser, you’re getting a house that looks great and stands out in your neighborhood.  In addition, your custom home is uniquely suited to you and your lifestyle. You control the design process, and you get to make the decisions needed to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Ultimately, the customer comes first, and since this is a significant purchase you deserve to have a home built your way.


The Benefits of Choosing Custom Design

What are the specific benefits of choosing a custom design for your home? When you build a custom home you get the following:

  • Personalization: You get to make all of the choices, personalizing every aspect of your home so that it meets your needs and supports the lifestyle you desire. We meet routinely with you to gain insight into your desired home features and we offer suggestions along the way.
  • Optimization: When you choose a custom design, you’re able to optimize a home to fit the lot where it will sit. We work with the architect to maximize every aspect of your home to enhance your desired lifestyle.
  • Quality: Custom home-building is defined by its quality. When you choose a custom design, you can count on the craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.
  • Cost Containment: When you hire a good design-build team, they advise you on tips to contain costs to fit into your budget.  Also working with a builder who offers a fixed-cost proposal can significantly save you from running over your budget

Of course, you’ll discover there are many other benefits when you opt for custom-built homes over the speculative home alternatives. When you build custom homes you are in control, and we make the building process effortless and enjoyable.  At Thomas Building Company, we can help you realize the many benefits of tailor-made custom homes in Baton Rouge.


The Luxury Custom Home Building Process

With more than 20 years of experience and more than 100 homes and renovations in the Baton Rouge area completed, Thomas Building Company has developed a building process that works for our clients.  You are informed every step of the building process so that there are complete transparency and communication.  

New home construction


Each engagement starts by getting to know your unique needs, desires, and expectations. From the first phone call to our sit down meeting, we follow our motto: “Listen Better, Plan Better, Build Better”.  We are here to get acquainted and answer your questions so that you make the most informed decisions.  Owner Drew Gasser works closely with you, the architect, and sometimes an interior decorator to see your vision to a fixed cost proposal.  Once the proposal is approved, and your financing is secured, our building team breaks the ground and begins to build your custom home.  

During the construction phase, our craftsmanship and communication ensure our clients get the quality and attractive home they desire. Our construction superintendent, Brett LeBlanc is onsite daily to manage our subcontractors.  Drew is also onsite periodically every day to maintain transparency and communication with the owners. Finally, after completion and move-in, we ensure that everything is working properly and our clients are fully satisfied with the results.


Why Choose Thomas Building Company?

Don’t settle for just any builder when considering luxury custom-built homes in Baton Rouge. Look for a provider of luxury custom homes that brings experience, knowledge, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. At Thomas Building Company, that’s just what we offer. With over 20 years of building custom homes in Baton Rouge, we have built an excellent reputation with our clients. 

Building Through Integrity

We have developed a set of values based on integrity, that are unmatched in the construction industry.  Owner Drew Gasser runs a value-based business that sets him apart in an industry with many speculative/custom home builders.  Through honest and transparent communication, Drew offers a customer experience like no other builder in Baton Rouge.  Taking pride in a set of values has helped Drew Gasser exceed the expectations of his homeowner clients since 1999. Experience is important, but so too is our commitment to our clients. When you choose Thomas Building Company as your custom home builders in Baton Rouge, you have a trusted advisor in Drew who walks with you every step of the way.


We have a deep history of delivering modern luxury homes in Baton Rouge. Our experience means that we have a wealth of knowledge about custom home-building. Our satisfied clients speak volumes about our reputation and reliability to deliver on our promises.  And we are passionate about creating spaces that allow our clients to lead the lifestyles they desire.


Are you ready to start building unforgettable memories? Contact us today about luxury custom homes in Baton Rouge.


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