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Outdoor Kitchen And Living Space

Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space

An outdoor kitchen and living space are a must-have feature in a Baton Rouge custom home. One of the many great things about living in the Baton Rouge area is that the weather allows you to spend time outdoors throughout the year. Creating a stylish outdoor kitchen and living space enables you to be outside without sacrificing the interior comfort and amenities you’ve come to appreciate.

The term “outdoor living space” can mean different things to different homeowners. For some, it could entail creating a beautiful living room-like space by extending the roof to create an under roof living area structure. This outdoor space can utilize luxury furnishings, a fireplace, and a big-screen TV to enjoy spending quality time with the family. For others, it may involve the installation of a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and dining area that’s perfect for family meals or entertaining guests. Constructing a modern, decorative outdoor fireplace is yet another of the endless possibilities.

We Americans work very hard to afford to live comfortably at home.  Unfortunately, our busy work schedules don’t always allow for resort-style vacations. However, building an outdoor paradise such as offered at many resorts can be a wonderful relaxing escape when we are home.  The amenities and comforts of an outdoor kitchen and living space can take us away from our busy lives, and enhance our family life at home,




Why Should You Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space Into Your Home?

Adding covered an outdoor kitchen and living space to your home can deliver a host of benefits. You’ll be able to expand your home’s living area while combining the indoor and outdoor aspects of your property. You’ll have more room for cooking, dining, and relaxing. An outdoor kitchen and living area is also ideal for entertaining guests or hosting casual yet elegant year-round dinner parties. It can also provide a respite from the strong Louisiana sunshine and allow you to enjoy the refreshing evening breezes after sundown.

Another great benefit of building an outdoor kitchen and living space is that it can enhance the attractiveness and overall value when selling the home.  A recent article in Extra Space Storage looked at six outdoor living space ideas that boost home value.  Outdoor living space has shown a return on investment upwards of 100 percent, depending on the region and neighborhood.

The Different Aspects of Outdoor Kitchen and Living Spaces

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of any well-designed outdoor kitchen and living space plan is the inclusion of a roof that extends from the main structure. A covered outdoor area is essential for providing protection from the elements and creating the right ambiance. Having a roof also ensures you’ll be able to enjoy the space throughout the year, and you won’t have to worry about a sudden thunderstorm ruining your evening.

You should also create a design for your outdoor living space that reflects your personality. Don’t view it as a patio or deck. Instead, think of it as an extension of the inside of your home. Apply the same thought and care when creating an outdoor area as you would when designing the interior. Your outdoor living space will look and feel like another room in your home, not just an outdoor seating area if executed properly.

Because you’re essentially building another room onto your home, your outdoor living space should also include a variety of comfort features and amenities. For instance, if you’re creating an outdoor living room, you’ll want to have high-quality furnishings, not patio furniture or lawn chairs. You’ll also want to wire the space to accommodate televisions, cooking appliances, or any other electrical or electronic devices you plan to use in the area. You’ll also need sufficient lighting, especially if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen and living space after dark.

Don’t overlook style when creating your outdoor kitchen and living space. A stylish outdoor area will make your entire home more attractive and elicit rave reviews from your guests. It can also help to create the relaxing atmosphere you’re striving for when designing the space. Remember, your new living space combines the interior of your home with the outdoors. Ideally, the styles you choose should complement the surrounding landscape or poolscape.

Functionality is yet another essential aspect of any outdoor kitchen and living space. For instance, if you plan to include a kitchen and dining area, you should make sure to install all essential appliances such as a refrigerator and stove. You’ll also need adequate seating to accommodate your family and guests. A grill can add to the outdoor ambiance and give you more food preparation possibilities.

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Outdoor Kitchen And Living Area
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Outdoor Kitchen And Living Area
Custom outdoor kitchen and living space
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Why Choose Thomas Building Company?

At Thomas Building Company, we can help you create your covered outdoor living space and that ideal outdoor kitchen. Since 1999, we’ve been helping South Baton Rouge homeowners like you design and build perfect living areas that create lasting memories. We’ve built our business mainly by word of mouth. Our many satisfied clients don’t hesitate to refer us to their friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers.

We’ll also manage every phase of your outdoor living space and kitchen project from planning to completion. Owner Drew Gasser will be on-site to oversee the work and ensure we complete the job to your specifications. We’ll also make sure the site remains clean and that our work doesn’t disturb your neighbors or the community.

Contact Thomas Building Company today to get your outdoor living space project started.