Methods to Have Sex in Car

BOSS FILES • Sep 25, 2022

If you want to have intimacy in the car, there are several things you need to learn.

Firstly, you need on your partner’s side and make sure they’re willing to do it. Many men and women are not sure about having sex in the car since they don’t think it may be appropriate or perhaps that it has too dangerous, but if you’re comfortable and find out your partner can be on board with it, a fresh great way to break some fun into the relationship!

You also need to be super careful about to park. Usually, it’s a great way to avoid parking on a busy neighborhood where people might see you. Rather, try parking somewhere remote, like your garage if you’re a parent or guardian or a clear parking lot in the center of the city.

Then, you should find a situation that will be at ease with respect to both you and your partner. The very best sex positions for a car are the ones that allow your partner to stay seated, because otherwise it can be hard to accomplish different types of enjoy.


A cowgirl is one of the easiest and quite a few common positions for car sex, and it has perfect should you have more space in your motor vehicle. Basically, the girl lies on her back in the seat, as well as the guy lays on his lower back, almost in missionary design, over her.

When you find the hang of the usb ports, you can try additional positions as well, but remember to always be safe and ensure you’re certainly not putting anyone in danger!

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